We believe building and managing your project doesn’t start at groundbreaking and end at completion when we drop the keys in your hand. Our team takes pride in guiding clients through the construction process, from pre-construction to the closeout and warranty period. Proven repeatedly, our process helps our customers reach their goals - one reason why over 60% of our clients are return customers.



The pre-construction phase sets the tone for success throughout the duration of your project. Our team works with both the design firm and the owner to identify any obstacles or challenges and to get the best results from your financial investment.

During this phase, our team offers planning and estimating services, address constructability issues, and offer design support. We consider it a privilege to help you through the building process.



When we mobilize on your project, we hit the ground running. With a solid pre-construction plan, a value-analyzed budget, and an efficient schedule in place, our team is tenacious when it comes to meeting your goals. Whether you’ve chosen to use one of Crossland's pre-certified subcontractors or our award-winning self-performance services, our team will keep your schedule rolling. We vigilantly oversee your project’s quality, safety, and budget to ensure that we are reaching or exceeding your expectations.



Our Health and Safety culture is based on values and dominated by the desire to send every team member home safe every evening. Safety is a top priority for Crossland and it shows. We were awarded the National Construction Safety Excellence Award by the Associated General Contractors of America out of 10,000 firms considered.

The following are some components that make our safety program a nationally recognized success:

  • We educate and empower all employees and subcontractors to create a safer work environment by holding daily safety meetings.
  • We have an Experience Modification Rate (EMR) of 0.43, which is considerably lower than the industry average of 1.0.
  • We perform employee background checks and have a zero tolerance drug testing policy.
  • We give new employees a green hardhat, allowing supervisors to quickly identify them and make sure they are performing tasks in a correct and safe manner.
  • We use a leading safety technology, SafetyNet, which analyzes and helps predict and prevent worker injuries while improving quality and productivity.

Our team is dedicated to making sure we promote the safest workplace possible for employees, subcontractors, clients, and others on our construction sites.



Often referred to as design-bid-build, this process is sequential. Once the owner selects a design team, the architect drafts plans and the bidding begins. The lowest-bidding contractor will be awarded the contract, and will build the project according to the architect’s specifications. In this method, contractor input is limited in the pre-construction and design phases. Our team is able to excel in this method due to our self-performance capabilities, strong subcontractor relationships, and market knowledge.


General contracting is a key component of our competitive advantage. This method is the most traditional where the owner holds the design and construction contracts separately. The process of selecting a contractor is generally based solely on the lowest total construction cost. Crossland excels in this method because of our self-performance capabilities, strong subcontractor relationships, and market knowledge.


CM work generally falls into two categories, Agency or At Risk.With the CM Agency method, our team assumes the position of professional advisor to the owner. Our team will help guide you in your team selection and we will serve as a vigilant gatekeeper for every aspect of your project from start to finish. With the CM At-Risk method, Crossland serves as both the construction manager and general contractor. The difference in utilizing this method from others is that the construction manager guarantees the cost of the project, better known as GMP (Guaranteed Maximum Price).


Design-Build construction was created to simplify the life of the client giving you a single-source of responsibility. This method allows the owner to select the design and construction team based on their combined experience and track-record. Often times this delivery method accelerates the construction process. We work diligently to facilitate a design that is in line with your ideals, and will carefully usher it through the entire pre-construction and construction phases. Clients that select this delivery method value simplicity, open communication, and attention to detail.


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