Rogers, Arkansas Fire Station 2


Rogers, Arkansas

Brief Summary

Until recently, a 50 year old firehouse substation served the residents of a Rogers, Arkansas neighborhood.  Outdated and no longer efficient, Crossland Construction Company was awarded the contract to replace the existing structure with a modern facility.  The new, two story fire station is an impressive 12,400 square foot building constructed primarily of structural steel with masonry veneer, a composite metal panel exterior, steel studs, and concrete masonry unit blocks.  The project required site development, parking, paving, landscaping, utilities, grading, and drainage. 

Crossland crews installed several distinctive equipment pieces for the new firehouse.  Three sets of special-order, fast-operating, bi-fold apparatus bay doors were placed with precision.  The fire pole was handmade in Boston, Massachusetts by McIntire Brass Works.  An electronic, motion-activated fire door surrounds the fire pole at its base, offering quick and safe fireperson access from the upstairs living quarters to the downstairs apparatus bays.  Gas lines that supply the outdoor grill and inside gas stove are programmed to disengage when the alarm sounds, and red lights come on immediately preceding the alarm in an effort to reduce an adrenaline rush for the firefighters.  Once the apparatus doors open, the lights are set to the “away” display, and resume their normal display mode upon the firefighters’ return.  The second story living space has an open floor plan, with a dining room, kitchen, and private bedrooms and bathrooms. The project was completed on budget, despite ongoing disruption caused by inclement weather.

Project facts

  • SIZE - 14,200 SQUARE FEET
  • COST - $2.2 MILLION

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