Riverside Drive Pedestrian Bridge - Gathering Place

Parks and Recreation

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Brief Summary

The 3,430 square-foot free-spanning Pedestrian Bridge rises over Riverside Drive, connecting Gathering Place’s green space and offering park guests views of the Arkansas River.  

The bridge created out of cast-in-place concrete. Interior styrofoam voids were used to reduce the overall weight, and post-tension cables were used to increase the bridge’s strength.  

The bridge’s unique underbelly yields a wood-grain appearance. Special form liners during production were used to create a unique façade.

Known for our self-performing capabilities, we used these skills to help drive the schedule and quality of this project: 

  • Structural support piling 
  • Forming and pouring all concrete 
  • Forming the haunches 
  • Creating small board forms 
  • Placing post-tensioning components 
  • Installing ornamental handrail system with LED lighting

Project facts

  • Self-Performance - Structural support piling, Forming and pouring all concrete, Forming the haunches, Creating small board forms, Placing post-tensioning components, Installing ornamental handrail system with LED lighting

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