Lakeside at the Waterfront


Wichita, Kansas

Brief Summary

Crossland Construction was awarded the $13.7 million contract to build the unique Lakeside at the Waterfront office building.   The use of post-tensioned concrete construction provided tremendous flexibility for the project Owner, allowing them to maximize the floor plan’s potential. Large, open floors, combined with the curtain wall feature, yield a sense of spaciousness, bringing the outdoors inside to the occupants. Potential tenants were in the forefront of our minds throughout the entire design process. To that end, a variable refrigerant flow system was installed, allowing the heating and air conditioning systems to be controlled by each room individually. Additionally, it was with the building’s tenants in mind that exterior patios were incorporated into the design, providing them with a place to enjoy the varying Kansas weather.

Project facts

  • Client - Murphin, Inc.
  • Size - 109,000 Square Feet (7 stories)
  • Cost - $13.7 Million
  • Delivery Method - Hard Bid

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