Haikey Creek Lift Station Rehabilitation

Pump Stations

Bixby, Oklahoma

Brief Summary

The new system demonstrates superior efficiency in all areas. Because the lift station is located near a municipal park, a new odor control system was also installed to improve the overall park patronage experience. The lift station’s new screening structure extended from the bottom of the piers to the top of the roof, measuring 71 feet, two inches in height. Of interest is that only 19 feet, two inches is above ground. As such, 52 feet of the screening structure is below ground level and unseen by the general public. 

The completely new facility’s exterior is aesthetically unique, with colored concrete from the columns to the roof. Because the entirety of the concrete could not be completed in one pour, color matching was essentially impossible from one pour to the next. Therefore, crews proceeded to rub the colored concrete numerous times in order to get all of the sections to match. Split-face concrete masonry unit blocks complete the exterior. Interiorly, concrete columns, concrete masonry unit blocks, and precast concrete roof panels complete the design. 

The Haikey Creek Lift Station project was one with numerous challenges from the beginning. From navigating the park parameters and adjacent natural water sources to successfully constructing a new junction box structure around a live, existing 54 inch concrete line, Crossland Heavy stepped up to the plate and delivered a project to the state of Oklahoma that will serve its residents for decades to come.

Project facts

  • COST - $5.38 MILLION

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