Prairie Grove Wastewater Treatment Plant

Wastewater Treatment Plants
Prairie Grove, Arkansas

Prairie Grove Wastewater Treatment Plant

Brief Summary

The project scope for the Prairie Grove Wastewater Treatment Plant included 4,000 cubic yards of concrete, over one mile of pipe and miscellaneous process equipment, with aerators, clarifiers, and sludge dewatering equipment.  The design flow is 0.9 million gallons daily, with a peak flow design of 3.0 million gallons daily.  Our crews worked with the design firm and the project engineer to value-engineer nearly $80,000.00 worth of savings to the owner.  Because the project was an American Recovery and Reinvestment Act project, 95% of the materials used in the project were made in America.  Benefits of the project’s completion include new biological units, new clarifiers, new inlet facilities, a new UV disinfection/outlet facility, a new pump station, a new solids handling building, a new electrical building, and rehabilitation of the aerated sludge holding tank.  Crossland Heavy Contractors was awarded the 2012 ABC Arkansas Excellence in Construction Award for this superior project.

Client — City of Prairie Grove
Cost — $7.7 million
Delivery Method — Hard Bid

Project Photos

The aggressive schedule was achieved by Crossland utilizing excellent project management and superior supervision.  Aggressive quality control by the Project Superintendent achieved a building that is over and above what was required by the construction documents.  We have heard nothing but praise for the efforts of Crossland and the staff in the field who produced this new addition to the District.



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