Naturals Baseball Field

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Springdale, Arkansas

Naturals Baseball Field

Brief Summary

Crossland Construction was selected to build the new Class AA Minor League Baseball Stadium located in Springdale, Arkansas.  The stadium is home to the Naturals Baseball Team.  Springdale is one of just 30 cities with a Class AA Minor League Baseball team.

The Naturals stadium is 12,000 square feet, with a seating capacity of 7,500.  The project included the construction of locker and training rooms, concession areas, restrooms, and administrative offices.  The $33 million facility was completed in nine months.  Despite construction delays that included challenging winter weather and two months of nearly daily rainfall, the stadium was ready in time for Opening Day.

Crossland managed nearly 30 subcontractors and more than 300 onsite workers.  Our team self-performed over 11,000 yards of concrete, earthwork, and steel.

Client — City of Springdale
Size — 90,000 square feet
Cost — $30.6 million
Delivery Method — Construction Management
Crossland self-performed earthwork, concrete, and steel.

They really got the job done.  They’ve done an excellent job dealing with the schedule and weather conditions.  They have really paid attention to detail and we’re very happy with their work out there.  They are a good bunch to work with and we appreciate their great effort getting it done.

-Martin DiNitto, HOK Sport (The Project's Architect Firm)

Project Photos

Crossland Heavy was always thinking of the next step of the project, what challenges it poised, and how to overcome these challenges in a manner that best suited not only their interests, but also the interests of the owner.  They put forth the extra effort to construct the water treatment plant in a manner that the owner, engineer, and they themselves could all be proud of.



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